THE SAND training camp is open for new nins, lets start train here;), ..:) see Ya inside.
We give FREE money to anyone who wants some on the start to buy weapons or something..,
We also accept everyone from academy student and up. more info later;)
new villagers should come here to train together:)

our cash oscillated about 1million. ..small amount, but its a money for YOU:)

#10 in sand's highest credits
#4 in sand's members
#6 in sand's

the bug is still here so sorry if we can't accept your application yet

Garaa77(wp:37) genin clan leader sand village
Duxdor(wp:3) chuunin 2nd in command rain village
Maligna(wp:0) sennin intelligence sand village
Shoning(wp:0) missing nin apprentice sand village
Wryker(wp:0) sennin apprentice sand village

Applicants that I will accept:
Dagnarus 8 genin
elmo145 10 missing nin
jcbstj 13 chuunin
saintroyal 6 sennin
alucard94 8 genin
SadSong 1 academy student
JayDee2009 21 tokubetsu jounin
gaxoor 48 sennin

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