Clan Summary

Uchiha was founding by rotenko2 in Waterfall.

Other Infomation

During the rule of the Nidaime Takikage, elev135, the next Takikage created a clan called "Uchiha" (Note: Though new various "Uchiha" clans exist, this was the first clan simply called "Uchiha"). The leader of Takikagure's clan was rotenko2, a village ANBU at the time, and gave Nadroj and Haroon de Phiel the rank of 2nd in Command. Uchiha soon rose to the top of the NFG world as arguably the greatest clan of all time. Uchiha waged wars against other high ranking clans such as the "Black Brigade" which was an undefeated clan at the time, though it lost once only to Uchiha.

Notable People

Leader: rotenko2
2nd in Command: Haroon de Phiel
2nd in Command: Nadroj

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