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06/07/09 - 23:46
Update about the ambassador program

Hya all.

As i told you all we were working on a way to restore the ingame balance. Of course we would not do this without your help.

Shadow009 once made the Ambassador program V1 and V2.

We are making a V3, with his help, even though he dropped the program. If you have any suggestions, or just want to give your opinion. Please do so!
Just drop your message at The Hidden Villages.

posted by neo_freak

06/07/09 - 23:46
Checking in.. & Important Update

Hya all.

For those who don't remember me, let me introduce myself. My name is Mike Monsma, and i am 19 years old. I live in the Netherlands, and have been one of Narutofangame's oldest players. I have been ANBU, Kage, Village Elder, and Admin. I have witnessed the rise of this game, and the little downfall we are currently experiencing.

You all may know me as Aeandir Tarasandir, Shortnamed Aeandir.
(Pyro's comment ><: usually called Aeandir, NarutoFanGame's Guiding Spirit!)

As of today, i have been enstated as Neo_Seal's Left hand. I solely intend to help him, untill he thinks the community is balanced and back on track again. One that time is reached, i will either remain active, depending on what happens, or i will go back to sleep.

The current situation is that Neo, our only Niju, has got absolutely no database acces. For those who don't know what that is, it's the core of the game. Inside the Database, shortnamed DB after this, you can change anything. You can change your money there, revive people, make the demons look like puppy's. It's all controlled there. This is allso the origin of all the bugs. When a line of code isn't integrated properly, flaws can appear, infecting everything, thus creating bugs.

Back to our current situation. The game is filled with bugs, and people who abuse them. Problems have appeared in communities, depsite most kage's inventing solutions. Law and order have disappeared slowly. My job, together with Neo, will be to restore all of this, and eventualy, try to regain Mysql acces.

We might throw in some events or such, better organized then the last one, and probably smaller prizes.
I'm also recreating the NFGF, As an unofficial forum, and hope you will all register again. We will try and coöperate with the official forum. I will also make sections where you can post your ideas and suggestions, and they will be considered. There will be a place for Kage's only, and you will find updated lists of the rules and staff etc.

For now, that's all. Expect more info to come,



Umm, guys ive been back for a few days, checking ingame that is.

And what I found.. It only seems to trouble me..
Everyone keeps saying: someone did this, can I prison him.. and I go like sure.. (What do you expect me to look into everything no I cant and I dont even have the powers to do that)

Then a few minutes later someone comes, why did you prison him? look wat the other guy said.. and I go like prison them both… And yes this happened more then once on ONE DAY!

But guys dont you realise THATS ANNOYING!

Im trying to think of multiple ways to actually get rid of bugs etc. and this is what you BUG me with.. How can I check everything and keep notice of all the villages at the same time? Arnt there kages? They should be able to take care of their village.

Also I dropped by in rain, my old village (L)!
And there was this guy, saying random stuff.. please instead of staying random stuff.. DO random stuff. Make this game better by starting with yourself. Instead of complaining think: hey, maybe I was wrong.. Maybe this fellow does have a point..

Right what I want the kages to do is gather information about the bugs that should be fixed and after that send them to me. Then I shall see what I do and what need priority. Summer break is comming up and expect me to back to clean up this mess. Lets all restore this game as it was, by working together, instead of going on about how bad someone is doing it!


Admin Neo_Seal

posted by neo_freak

07/06/09 - 17:46
Kage Updates

So we changed the kage due newest elections.

For the new game. I hope we can come up with some intro screen the next weeks (depents on the 3D guys).

And one more. We currently search a chapter/episode review write for Naruto/Bleach and Onepiece. The job is paid. So if anybody is interested, let me know at "ed.bewehtedisni|bm#ed.bewehtedisni|bm".

posted by admin

24/03/09 - 22:41

Hya all, just a quick message from Meh, Aeandir.
Please stop mailing me with requests of things to be changed. I am no longer an Admin. (yah, not supposed to be able to write this then, i know xD)

I'm still here for questions, but please, stop the ''please change my name'' or ''can you revive the demon'' messages.

Greetings, Aeandir Tarasandir, Resigned Admin.

Hello everyone,

In the past few months NarutoFanGame has been in chaos.
Things need to be sorted for us to continue.
And so I have returned, I was absent the past months because I was very busy
School took up my time and is still taking up allot of time.
But never the less ill do my best to make things work again.
I’m trying to think of all sorts of ways to solve all the problems.
But that would require some help from the owner (admin).
I hope that we could get a better way to communicate so we can arrange things.
Since that would help ALOT.

I know there are many problems at the moment, and ill do my best to solve them as soon as possible.
Don’t blame me if I cant solve individual problems right now, I do my best.
For request or problems who need to be solved you can mail me to: moc.liamg|gfn.oen#moc.liamg|gfn.oen
Ill use that account for NFG purposes only and will try to read that EVERY day.
Ill make it a habit that if I read your mail ill always reply.
Even if its only "ok" you will know that I have read your mail and took it into consideration.
If you don’t see results you can mail me again after ONE week.
Please don’t spam me with useless mails like, can I use the missing nin bug.
IF you are sennin you are allowed to use it. Otherwise NO.

Ill make a FAQ topic one of these days explaining several things.
When I have, ill post a link in this post.

Thank you for reading and your patience.

Good luck with the game and enjoy,

Neo_Seal A.K.A. Neo_Freak

posted by neo_freak

25/02/09 - 18:12
Outtake Info


we had a hardware failure for 2 days which needed to be replaced. Sorry for the temporary problem.

posted by admin

09/02/09 - 16:23
Quick Note

Just a quick note guys, I Shikamaru_Nara, resign as Admin (again :/) simple, because I am not needed.

Nuff said.

Another quick note, Pyro Bloodwekin hereby resigns as admin of NFG simple, because Shikamaru_Nara retired.

Nuff said.

posted by Shika-kun

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