The Ambassadors Page

The Ambassador program is designed to solve issues, create laws, and bring some sort of order while there are no Admins. Even when Admins return the Ambassador program will continue to run as in a way to help Admins with whatever is needed.

The idea of this is that 1 person from each village would represent their village. People who have signed up on the forum will announce which village ambassador chair they will be running for. After a short period of time and once all of the nominee's are chosen then it will come to a vote. Everyone can vote on who they want to and once the election period is over, whoever has the most votes for each village will become their Ambassador.


Current Ambassadors

Note: The ambassadors plan is currently being reworked…again.

Admin Ambassador:

Leaf Village Ambassador: Obsidion?

Mist Village Ambassador: FireFox?

Waterfall Village Ambassador:

Sand Villlage Ambassador:

Sound Village Ambassador

Grass Village Ambassador:

Rain Village Ambassador:

Hideout Ambassador:

Next Ambassador Meeting

Will be updated when the meeting is announced.

Previous Meeting Logs

None have been completed yet

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