Apartments A,B,C,D.

To rent an apartment you don't have to pay money. If you rent an apartment you will be able to access the piggy bank and deposit/withdraw your money.

If you need to access your apartment once you have one, you can go to the village square -> Apartment A,B,C,D(whichever one yours is in) and then follow the links to your apartment. There is nothing to do in the living room at the moment, but here you access your piggy bank where you can store credits or take them. An easier way to get to your apartment is to go to the main page and scroll down until you see the link "enter my home" which will automatically take you to your apartment. Remember, you have to be in your own village to access your apartment.

Legend :

Village - Apartment - Floor - Side - Number

example: 1B2W9
village: 1
Apartment: B
Floor: 2
Side: West
Number: 9

or: 2A11N2
village: 2
Apartment: A
Floor: 11
Side: North
Number: 2

Village Numbers:
1 is leaf village
2 is mist village
3 is waterfall village
4 is sand village
5 is sound village
6 is grass village
7 is rain village
8 is unknown

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