Armor Guide


Bandages Arms, Waterfall-Sand-Leaf-Rain-Grass-Sound-Mist
Hard plastic arm guards, Rain
Wooden Arm Guards, Grass-Hideout
Chain mail Arm Guards, Mist
Steel Arm Guards, Hideout
Anbu Arm Guards, Leaf


Akatsuki Ring, Hideout
Belt (obi), Waterfall-Sand-Leaf-Rain-Grass-Sound-Mist
Crossed Forehead Band, Hideout
Scarf, Leaf
Shades/Glasses, Hideout
Occular Lenses, Hideout
Wrist Guards, Waterfall-Sand-Leaf-Rain-Grass-Sound-Mist
Reinforced Forehead Protector, Sand
Shoulder Guards, Waterfall
Mugenkougai, Hideout


Bandages feet, Waterfall-Sand-Leaf-Rain-Grass-Sound-Mist
ninja tabi boots, Rain & Hideout
Waraji Sandals, Waterfall
Wooden Clogs (geta), Grass


Bandages hands, Waterfall-Sand-Leaf-Rain-Grass-Sound-Mist
Leather Gloves, Hideou
Ninja Hand Covers (tekko), Waterfall
Chain mail gloves, Grass
Armor plated Gloves, Leaf


Bandages head, Waterfall-Sand-Leaf-Rain-Grass-Sound-Mist
Bandana, Waterfall
hard plastic mask, Rain
Wooden Mask, Grass
Chainmail mask, Waterfall-Sand-Leaf-Rain-Grass-Sound-Mist
Straw Hat (kasa), Hideout
Animal Mask, Leaf
steel mask, Sound
Samurai Helmet, Hideout


Bandages legs, Waterfall-Sand-Leaf-Rain-Grass-Sound-Mist
Ninja Legs (hakama), Waterfall-Sand-Leaf-Rain-Grass-Sound-Mist
Chainmail legs, Waterfall-Sand-Leaf-Rain-Grass-Sound-Mist


Cloak, Waterfall
kimono, Mist
Light jumpsuit, Leaf
long coat, Waterfall-Sand-Leaf-Rain-Grass-Sound-Mist
Akatsuki Coat, Hideout
White Medical-Nin Robe, Waterfall-Sand-Leaf-Rain-Grass-Sound-Mist
Chainmail coat, Waterfall-Sand-Leaf-Rain-Grass-Sound-Mist
Hooded Robe, Sand
Samurai Full Armor, Hideout


Hiruko, Hideout
Puppet body, Sand


Hard Plastic Shin Guards, Waterfall
Wooden Shin Guards, Grass
Chainmail Shin Guards, Waterfall-Sand-Leaf-Rain-Grass-Sound-Mist
steel shin guards, Rain
Anbu shin guards, Leaf


Bandages torso, Waterfall-Sand-Leaf-Rain-Grass-Sound-Mist
fish net jacket, Leaf
undershirt (one sleeve), Rain
Basic Body Armor, Mist
Grass flak jacket, Grass
leaf flak jacket-Leaf
Mist Flak Jacket, Mist
Rain flak jacket, Rain
Sand flak Jacket,Sand
Sound Flak jacket, Sound
Waterfall flak Jacket, Waterfall
ANBU Chest Armor, Waterfall
Chakra Armor, Hideout

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