Leaf Demon - Kyuubi no Yoko

Kyuubi no Yoko

Kyuubi no Yoko was captured by the Leaf Village when the great power struggle between demons and
man reached its ending point.

Kyuubi no Yoko's History

The Kyuubi has spread fear and destruction throughout the world for thousands of years. It would show up throughout history and then disappear as if it had never been there at all. Time had passed and once again this demon of fear and misery made an appearance once more. This time the Kyuubi was after the leaf village. The battle raged on for days, and at the end the Leaf village was nearly destroyed and many of their ninja were killed. However, through the ultimate sacrifice of the 4th hokage the leaf village was able to seal this demon inside of a new born baby. The demon that's tails would crush mountains, breath that would start fires, and its roar that would cause earthquakes was now sealed inside of a baby boy. That boy would grow up without a clue as to what lurked inside of him. A great destiny lay before this boy and his name would forever be known throughout the land.

Written by the members of the Leaf Village. Edited for spelling/content by Jeswan.

*Quick Fun Fact: I just find it funny that the final sentence states that his name would be forever known throughout the land, yet it does not mention his name xD

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