Mist Demon - Nibi no Nekomata

Nibi no Nekomata

Nibi no Nekomata was captured by the Mist village when the great power struggle between demons and
man reached its ending point.

Nibi no Nekomata's History

The three tailed turtle called Nekomata is the demon of the Mist.

After the great war was finished and the blood had been shed. There was a strangler wandering the fields, drenched in blood and dying of hunger. He was of so much thirst that he drunk the blood of the many mist nin he killed. While he was walking the mist started to wander with him as it rolled in. He saw a simple squirrel run into a cave just a few meters away, so he decided to run after it. After wandering the cave for many minutes looking for it, he tuened to leave the cave. But as he turned to leave, the mist blocked his path and Nibi no Nekomata appeared in front of him. Nekomata told him to accept him as he would gain immense power from him. As soon as he heard this, two Anbu came from his village. The Anbu attacked him, but as soon as they made their hand signs, Nekomata attacked from within. As soon as their screams finished echoing through the cave, Nekomata devoured his soul. But seeing this, the Kage Portgas D.Ace sealed the beast into the cave so no Mist nin can disturb the beast. But every mist nin can hear the roars of Nekomata and feel his blood-lust, so any nin that gets through the mist and to the cave, beware, your blood will become heavy, it will boil, it will become apart of your flesh as soon as Nekomata tastes your flesh.

Written by Dmoney

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