There are giant monsters to fight in the game, known as the Demons of a village. There are currently 8 known demons in existence and they all are extremely strong. Attack them with caution. While they give excellent experience and they are the reason most people are very high level, they also will defeat most people that they fight and you better be prepared to pay for your hospital bill to get fixed up after you fight.

Fighting a Demon

You are able to fight these demons, and do damage to them. To fight the 7 demons that are inside of a village you must travel to that village. Once you have traveled to that village go to the village square and look for a place that is on the outskirts of the village. Once you click on that outskirts area you will have the last option to either fight that demon or back away. If you want to fight the 8th demon which resides in the hideout, all you have to do is go to the travel page and click on the hideout to fight it. If you choose to fight it then the damage that you inflict on the demon will reward your demon with the same amount of health you removed from the certain demon that you attacked. So if you attack a demon and do 782 damage to it, that demon will lose the 782 damage and your demon will regain 782 health.

There are ways to actually 'kill' a demon and have all of its health go to your demon, but those strategies are not known by many.

Note: You are not allowed to fight the demon that resides in your home village, and missing nin are not able to fight the hideout demon.

Demon List

The 8 demons that reside in the game are listed as follows:

Gobi no Houkou - Resides in the Rain village
Yonbi no Sokou - Resides in the Grass village
Hachibi no Hachimata - Resides in the Sound village
Sanbi no Isonade - Resides in the Waterfall village
Nibi no Nekomata - Resides in the Mist village
King of Hell - Resides in the Hideout
Kyuubi no Yoko - Resides in the Leaf village
Ichibi no Shukaku - Resides in the Sand village

If you wish to check the amount of experience(health) a demon currently has, click on the DEMONS link in NFG.

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