General Guide

This is a multi-purpose guide to NarutoFanGame. In this guide you will learn the basics to the game as well as strategies and tips to help you get started.
This guide is generally for new players.

» Getting Started «
So you're reading this post right? Alright then lets get started.
¤First of all it is important to realize that THE FORUM IS YOUR FRIEND.

¤Now that we got that down lets go through the game play.
-The goal of the game varies, but throughout the game you want to level higher and higher.
-To level you need to gain experience which you can gain from missions, attacking demons, or attacking other players.
-When you level you gain chakra, health, skill points, and jutsu points.
-You use these to make a player build which will help you win fights.
-When you win fights from other players you gain money. You can also gain money by doing work at the ramen shop, but it is more affective if you win your attacks.
-Attacking takes 1 energy.
-You can hold up to 200 energy maximum.
-You get 5 energy every 10 minutes if you're logged on. If you aren't logged on 5 every while.

¤Next off we want to get you a clan. Clan's are good because they will give you money and advice to grow, but be careful you need to find a good clan that will do this for you. Hidden Order of the New World is a good examples of this. The only advantage to not having a clan is that you will not show up on the fight list and won't get hit as much.

¤To join a clan follow these simple directions:
-Go to village:square
-Go to Clan District
-Click on the clan you want to apply for
-Click apply now

¤From there you have to wait for you to be accepted into the clan.

Now that you've gotten all that stuff through, hopefully…You're going to want to make your character lean and mean.

-Try to take out about 50,000 credits from your clan.
-Once you have gained that you want to put your 3 Skill Points into defense. (village: square > kage office)
-Now buy a toothpick from the Weapon shop. (village: square > Weapon shop) This will cost 40,000 credits.
-Equip the tooth pick. (my equipment > equip)
-Now you want to get your jutsus so go to the jutsu school. (village: square > jutsu school)
-Now put 3 jutsu points into a invigoration jutsu of your choice and put 4 jutsu points into a bind jutsu.
-You want a power build to keep hurting the opponents.
-Go to the kage office. (village: square > kage office)
-Put 3 points into body energy.
-Try to buy armor if you can.
-Go to the jutsu school. (village: square > Jutsu school)
-3 jutsu points into an invigoration jutsu and 4 into a binding jutsu.

» Attacking and Leveling «
Now that you've got all that done you can now attack and slay people! You generally want to attack people level 1 when you're just starting.
-To attack people go to fight list.
-Find the person you want to attack and then click fight.
-You can see their skill card (the card which holds your information on it) by clicking their name.
-After every battle you need to heal and repair your items. You can do this by clicking the button that says so on the sides.
-Beware they both cost money to do so don't spend too much.

Now that you have some money big shot you need somewhere to place it. You can place it in your clan, which isn't so wise if you need it. Or you can place it in an apartment.
-To rent an apartment go to village: square > (any apartment building) and click rent an apartment. Voila theres your apartment.
-You can access it by going to the main page and clicking enter my home.
-In your home you have a piggy bank and you can place your money there.

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