Interface Guide

This is a guide, explaining NFG's user Interface. I'm using the aeandir&admin skin. I'm working from top to bottom. All
links i explain in this skin will also be located in the other skins. Although probably not on the same spot, but if you can
change a skin, you certainly are ready to play without guides.

First of all, a map with numbers. I will give a small explaination with each number, and i will make a seperate guide for each
number as well, making it more detailled. If you want to use the search function of the forum, search on the number. Every guide
will have a number before the name, like: '' [01] guide name ''. In this case the guide would be about the village picture in the
upper left corner.

The map:
I accidentaly skipped two, so i named them 40 and 41.


Let's get going.

*01 - This is the symbol of your village. Every village has it's own, unique symbol.

*02 - This link will lead you to a page where all people are listed that are online at that very moment.

*03 - This is a ''getting started'' guide, made by my friend Chinomarco and Stinoke.

*04 - This is the current village you are in.

*05 - This is your current energy.

*06 - These are your actual credits.

*40 - This is your main page. The page you see on the map.

*41 - This is a log of all the people that attacked you.

*07 - This is a log of all the fights you have STARTED.

*08 - Your info card. Everything about your character is listed here.

*09 - All your jutsu's are shown here.

*10 - On this page your equipment is listed.

*11 - One of your main buttons. Here you can fight with other people.

*12 - Consider this your arena. Fight in teams, and earn money.

*13 - Make your own attack strategy here.

*14 - Make your own defensive strategy here.

*15 - Look up the info cards of others here.

*16 - You kage can edit this page. Most will keep record of things here.

*17 - Travel to other villages trough this page

*18 - Find general info about your village here

*19 - This is your village square. Shops, everything is located here.

*20 - All deserters from your village show up here. If they are in your village that is.

*21 - This is the prison. ANBU and KAGE's can imprison people.

*22 - Global Account statistics are shown here.

*23 - Global Clan statistics are shown here.

*24 - Global village statistics are shown here.

*25 - Global clan events are shown here.

*26 - Your friends are listed here. See it they are online!

*27 - This is where your letters will come in. You can also use a ninja courier here to send personal messages.

*28 - The news, recent and old, is archived here.

*43 - All players are listed in this thick book.

*29 - Your village is the only village to acces this forum.

*30 - This is a link to the global forum.

*31 - This bar shows the amount of Health Points(HP) you have.

*32 - This bar shows the amount of Chakra points(MP/CP) you have.

*33 - This takes you to the hospital to recover.

*34 - This repairs all your weapons and armor.

*35 - This is a countdown untill you auto-heal. Also a countdown untill you will get new energy.

*36 - Your current village rank.

*37 - Your current clan rank. Shown in numbers. (check [37] Clan Guide for more info)

*38 - This shows your level, xp and xp untill you will reach your next level.

*39 - This takes you to a contact page, where you can PM the Owner of the game.

Guide made by Aeandir, originally posted at The Official Unofficial NFG Forum

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License