Jutsu School

If this is your first time in the jutsu school then you better read this first.
As you should know, every choice you make in this game should be made with your global strategy in mind. The game was designed so that every nin has his own fighting style and character. Because of this we can have a new unique game play…but, this also requires some more thinking and work from you!! You should not make random choices if you want to get far (yes you too can become kage ;) ).

When thinking of a strategy, include these things:

- the training area: training in a particular jutsu can give you 100% certainty that it will not fail because off bad conjugating. By being born in your village, you are already trained 3 levels in your village's skill.

- my equipment: do you need a lot of armour, a lot of weapon power or do you go in between? You can not choose all three because strength points are not free..

- my jutsu: when you learned a jutsu you better add some extra jutsu points to it. Important to know when battling is that if you use a jutsu and your opponent learned this to (and has more points on it), the jutsu can do less damage or even backfire upon you!

- my attack strategy: with a bit of practice and some trial and error you can choose what jutsu you do first, when you try to bind the opponent, when you heal yourself, flee or … . By this you leave your own unique "stamp" to a battle, creating your own technique of fighting

- my defense strategy: the same as your attack strat … but should be made with a more defensive characteristic … or not… it is your strat

- kage office: do not distribute your skill points here at random… you could be lucky yes, but really why does a nin who does not go for genjutsu have to go for a lot of intel points? etcetera etcetera

- jutsu school: do you learn only 1 jutsu and specialise in that one, do you learn only weapon jutsu or genjutsu or do you learn some of every type? The choice is yours, but keep your global strategy in mind

All these steps should connect and strengthen each other.. giving you victory with every fight

Note: The amount of jutsu points you currently have is shown at the top of the page and on your main page.

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