Kage Office

Kage Office

In every village you will find a kage office. Here you can use the skill points that you have earned by leveling up. You gain 5 skill points each time you level up. You are only allowed to visit your own village's kage office, attempting to visit any other village's kage office will result in you getting turned away. If you made a mistake or wish to change your current stat allocation you can go to Preferences and reset (you will receive all your Skill Points and Jutsu Points back). The first reset is free, but after the first reset the formula for reset costs is (100000*your level)+(25000*times you have reset already). The higher your level and the more times you have reset, the more it costs to reset.

Skill List

- can result to a block in battle when higher than your opponents body energy
- gives defense against melee attacks
Body Energy
- needed to equip weapons and armour, can ward off a block
- does melee damage
- turns in battle depend on yours and your opponent's speed
- genjutsu & binding attack's can be warded off when your opponents intel is lower and visa versa
+1 bindingturn for eatch bindingjutsu you do
-2 bindingturns from your opponents attacks (up to 50%)
- get 60 extra healthpoints
- get 25 extra chakra points

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