The first thing you will see there is your recruiting link.If a new user signs up with your recruitment id than you get 1000 times your level in credits each time that user gains a rank (genin, chuunin, …)
The next thing you can see is the message from your kage. There are village tasks , rules etc, it depends on the village.

At the bottom you will see a summary about your ninja .
Under general you will a part of the information listed at the info card : , lvl , exp , rank , location , name , your piggy bank and a link to your apartment (if you have one).

In the clan corner are listed information about you and your clan : clan rank , donations, war points (wp) and the clan name .

Under training & skills is very important information. Your skills decide the result of your battle so you must pay attention when you use your skill points.

The next part is mission & fights . You can see how many missions of each type you finished , how many victories and defeats you have and your victory percentage.

The last category other show you how many jutsu points you had used on how many jutsu . It show how many armors and weapons you have , your favorite weapon and if you bought tracking seeds.

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