Mission Center

Mission Center

There are missions in the game that you can do to gain much experience and be able to explore at the same time.

How to get a mission

You'll have to go to the mission center of your home village. To get there, just go to your village square and click on 'Mission Center'. When you are in the mission center you will see a list of the missions.
Click on the name of the mission and then you'll see the description, rewards and such. Accept the mission if you want to begin that mission. Watch out, some enemies will be hard to defeat.

How to clear a mission

Go to the village where the mission said you have to go. To get the enemies to attack you just go to the appropriate village and then go to the village square or any part of the village that you can go to from the village square. Check the description before you accept a mission so you know where to go. When you killed all of the enemies then go back to your home village's mission center. Say that you finished it and you'll get your reward. You can only do 1 mission at a time.

Mission requirements:

D-missions: no requirements
C-missions: At least level 11 genin
B-missions: At least level 17 chuunin
A-missions: At least level level 22 tokubetsu jounin
S-missions: At least level 28 jounin

Mission Legend :
X: not yet possible
V: the mission is still open

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