Mist Village

The Mist Village, Kirikagure

The Mist Village was founded by asianck when the shinobi countries were first created. Kirigakure ("Village Hidden in the Mist"), called Kiri for short, is located in the Land of Water. The official head ninja of Kirigakure is the Mizukage ("Water Shadow"). Here you can train your offensive skills. In this village resides the demon Nibi no Nekomata .

Village History


Kages of the Past

Shodaime: asianck
Nidaime: Akatsuki_Orochimaru
Sandaime: aegisX
Yondaime: NimaTheMist
Godaime: Shikamaru_Nara
Rokudaime: Portgas D. Ace
Nanadaime: Atoriyo Uhimatso
Hachidaime: novafire
Kyuudaime: FireFox

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