My Jutsu

My jutsu

In this place you can see the jutsu you can use.

Under jutsu you see the name of the jutsus you know.

Under type you see the type of your jutsus. Each type does a different thing.

  1. Offensive jutsu inflict damage and use chakra.
  2. Taijutsu inflict damage and use health.
  3. Weapon jutsu inflict damage and use chakra. To use an offensive jutsu you need a certain weapon in your Equipment , it depends on each jutsu.
  4. Defensive jutsu use chakra and try to neutralize the enemy jutsu.
  5. Invigorating jutsu is very important. It doesn't use anything but you receive a boost of chakra and health. If you have enough jutsu points on this jutsu you receive 3 times your normal chakra.
  6. Healing jutsu use chakra and it restore your health.
  7. Binding jutsu use chakra and it bind the opponent.
  8. Genjutsu use chakra , bind your opponent and inflict damage.

Under jutsu points you see how many jutsu points has each jutsu . With each jutsu point your jutsu is stronger.

Under strengthen you can click on add skill point . Each time you do this your jutsu receive one jutsu point.

Self Created Jutsu is an feature that those who donate to the game have access. They can create their own jutsu .Right now is not possible to donate so we have to use the normal jutsus.

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