The prison is also known as the special ninja felony prison. Shinobi who have committed serious crimes wait their punishment off here. The prisoners here are all murderers and criminal ninja who have broken the Global Rules of the game or the Village rules of their specific village(Check the Rules area of this wiki for the Global Rules).

The only players who imprison the rule breakers are Kages and ANBUs. Staff members can imprison as well. ANBU and Kages must have sufficient reason to prison the person otherwise they most likely will be released quickly and the ANBU/Kage who imprisoned the person can get in trouble. The prison term must be stated in a sufficient manner with a clear date and time as well.

If you think somebody is breaking the rules talk with the kage or ANBU's from your village. To see the list scroll down and click on "report abuse ", "gameplay guestion?", "layout question?" or "forum question?".

Correct Format to imprison someone:
Crime - CLEARLY STATE THE CRIME! Crime: Having multiple accounts
Time - CLEARLY STATE THE TIME! This is perhaps the most important as if it is stated incorrectly, there can be confusion. The proper
format is Time: length in hours, time to be released, date to be released
Time: 24 Hours, 8:00 pm EST, 8/22

Terms used when putting people in prison:
DNR - Do Not Release

Note: Time does not have to be in EST.

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