There are many ranks in NFG that you are able to progress through. As you grow in level and gain experience in the game you are able to advance in rank.

Academy Student

You begin as an Academy Student at level 1. It is the most basic of ranks that everyone begins at. You will eventually progress into the higher ranks but at this rank you will be able to learn the base mechanics of the game and begin your quest into mastering it. As you take your first steps into the world of Narutofangame (NFG) you will realize that you are but an academy student, not much better then a normal person, but you do have potential to be the greatest. Train hard and study as much as you can to achieve your goals and make new friends.


You are able to become a Genin when you reach level 6. Once you have passed the written exam you will see that you are now a genin. Put on that headband and show your pride as a ninja of your village. It is now your responsibility to carry out missions and advance in rank. Missions and training go hand in hand. Before you blink you may get that promotion. Now that you are a Genin perhaps it is a good time to attempt some missions as they will become possible to beat now.


You are able to become a Chunin when you reach level 12. As a Chunin you will be able to represent your village with pride on many missions and fights. Along with the satisfaction of passing another exam you now are gaining respect of your fellow ninja. More advanced missions make for more exciting adventures and bigger pay offs, but don't let your guard down. There is still much room for improvement.

Tokubetsu Jonin

You are able to become a Tokubetsu Jonin when you reach level 18. Tokubetsu Jonin are regarded highly in a village, and are looked up to with great respect. Showing off your talent and passing yet another exam you are now a professional ninja. You are respected by your peers and admired by the newest ninja. Keep up the good work.


You are able to become a Jonin when you reach level 24.
Jonin are some of the most feared ninja of a village. Once this rank is obtained you will be able to go on many more missions and perhaps begin challenging a Demon. Your strategy and expertise are amazing as you become a symbol of strength for your village. Some of the hardest missions are available at this rank.

Hunter Nin

You are able to become a Hunter Nin when you reach level 30. When you become a Hunter Nin you are able to prove to everyone that you are able to handle tasks with ease and grace. Your skill has earned you a place as a hunter nin. Your rank states that you should travel to other villages and hunt down missing ninja. You of course do not have to, but perhaps that will give you a bit of motivation. By now you should have a passionate understanding of how much strategy plays a role in your fighting style, don't let your village down!


You are able to become a Sennin when you reach level 36. Sennin are some of the most capable ninja of the village and should be regarded highly. The final rank that most ninja achieve is sennin. You can now travel to every village at higher speeds and face off against the strongest foes.


You are able to become an ANBU when your kage decides you can be. There is not set level limit to become an ANBU, but you must prove yourself before you are even considered for the rank. Chosen by your Kage as a ninja of honor and wisdom, you monitor the activities of your village and help where you can. Your name will forever be known throughout your village.


You are able to become a Kage when the great ninja of your village decide that you are ready for that illustrious rank. Your village has decided to make you the Kage. As Kage it is your duty to oversee your village and ANBU. Your word is final and your name shall forever bring glory to your village. Tough decisions and world politics rule your life, also as Kage you must lead everyone and make the correct choices. Making war or alliances is not unheard of in NFG. Your name will forever be known to all ninja as one of the greatest people ever to grace the game.

Missing Ninja

Missing Ninja - Throwing away your ties to your village you lead the life of a traitor. With no chances of advancment your life is filled with destroying villages and doing acts of unspeakable horror. To become one of these despicable ninja, you must leave your village for 48 hours. After that your village's ANBU will hunt you down. At that point you have a choice to evade them to become a missing ninja or go back to the village with them to stay as a member of your village.

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