Sand Village

The Sand Village, Sunakagure

The Sand Village was founded by Aeandir when the shinobi countries were first created. Sunagakure ("Village Hidden in the Sand") is the hidden village of the Land of Wind. As one of the great ninja villages, Sunagakure has a kage as its leader known as the kazekage ("Wind Shadow"). The ninja from this village seem to specialize in Puppet Techniques, as such in this village you can train your weapon jutsu. In this village resides the demon called Ichibi no Shukaku.

Village History

The Sand village, Sunakagure, was founded by one of the greatest ninjas to ever walk the Earth. That ninja was known as Aeandir. Before any village was created, there were seven great shinobis who roamed the land. With no official village to go to, they all wondered aimlessly. The villages were all created around the same time, which happened purely by coincidence. While roaming the land, Aeandir came upon a desert that he felt a certain connection to. He stayed there a while just observing the land and how majestic it was. He talked to each and every traveler that walked by, even if it was just to say hello. Once enough time had passed, Aeandir thought that he did not ever want to leave this place. That was when he made the decision to form the Sand Village. Using his powerful abilities he brought barriers up to form the wall of the village, giant pillars to support the weight of the walls, and created the initial buildings for the village. Once it became public that there was a village hidden in the sand, many people began going there. One of the most noted of people who went there was Chinomarco, who would end up being the Nidaime Kazekage.

Aeandir's initial reign as kage was a very successful one, as he brought all ninja into his village and unified them. Once his term was up, he set an election system up to choose all kages after him. After the election, the ninja known as Chinomarco became the Nidaime Kazekage. Chinomarco took the title with great honor, and led the sand village like a great kage should. Not much happened during his term, and once it was over Aeandir once again took the position of kazekage. This time Aeandir was voted in. While nothing big happened during his reign, he proved that anyone can become kage twice in the same village. Once Aeandir's second term as kazekage finished, a new vote was cast and the ninja Apokane became the Yondaime Kazekage. During that time, the Sand village became official allies with the Grass village. That was a time of peace and prosperity for both villages, as everyone became strong and had much fun. At the time that Apokane became kage, a new ninja was born to the village. Little known to the villagers of Sand and of the world, that ninja would become one of the most dedicated ninja to the ninja world. His parent's named him Jeswan, and knew his destiny was great. Apokane was forced to resign in the middle of his term, and once again a vote was cast with Aeandir being the victor. He was the kazekage for an unprecedented third term. On his ANBU selection, he chose the aspiring nin Jeswan and keeblood. However, keeblood had already fled the village due to unknown circumstances. After the ANBU was chosen, the Grass village was in need of help and Sand answered. Aeandir asked for 2 volunteers from the village to go to Grass to help out with their problem of having no ANBU. Both Jeswan and Drake Niera were chosen to go help out Grass. Sand was thanked for the service to Grass and once Jeswan and Drake Niera returned a new kage election began. Both of them ran for the title of Kage, and Drake Niera came out victorious. His term was short lived, however, as he was also forced to resign because of personal reasons. Once again an election was held and this time Jeswan won the title of kage, winning the election by 10 votes over his opponent.

By this time, the Sand Village was so popular that in many global standings they were in last place. No matter how hard he tried, Jeswan could not remedy that situation as Sand's global ranking did not change. He did have one glimmer of hope as his ANBU squad looked very promising since it consisted of S.A.W. who has been an ANBU ever since then, DesertJ who would become the next kazekage, The Axe who would stay an ANBU ever since then as well, and Nightstalker an up and coming ninja who was extremely powerful. At the end of his term, Jeswan knew the village would be in good hands. The next election came and DesertJ was chosen to lead the village. During the time that DesertJ was leading the village it began to rise in the global standings. S.A.W. once again became the ANBU captain and the ANBU squad mostly stayed the same except for Jeswan, who joined the ranks of the ANBU. Once again, another kage became victim to retirement as DesertJ was also overcome with problems and was forced to resign. With that, another kage selection happened and Jeswan became Kazekage for the second time. That reign was short lived as soon after he was elected an official election happened for all of the ninja villages. The next kage to be chosen brought true order to the village, that kage was -hidan-. He brought a great idea to the village forum as he organized it with special tags for topics and rules for posting. Some did not follow those rules, but were swiftly taken care of. During his reign he created many guides for the players to use and had many competitions that increased the village's popularity and strength. Sand rose up from near the bottom of the standings to become one of the most powerful villages. After his term, another ninja became kage and also helped increase activity and strength. That ninja's name was Amn@el, and his reign as kage would last until just recently. He let the village have as much fun as possible while also proving that he was a great leader. With his leadership, two sand nin were able to become in the top 10 ninjas of the world. -hidan- was able to return to the top 10, and przemokamilo became the strongest nin in sand. With a new election right around the corner, we will have to see how the next kage can perform being preceded by all of these legendary ninja. As the election came to a close, it was a tight race but Jeswan emerged victorious and became the second sand nin and third nin in NFG history to be elected as kage three times. What will his reign produce for the village? Only time will tell.

Kages of the Past

Shodaime- Aeandir
Nidaime- Chinomarco
Sandaime- Aeandir
Yondaime- Apokane
Godaime- Aeandir
Rokudaime- Drake Niera
Nanadaime- Jeswan
Hachidaime- DesertJ
Kyuudaime- Jeswan
Jyuudaime- -hidan-
Juichidaime - amn@el
Juunidaime - Jeswan

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