Training Area

Training Area

Training your separate skills will give you an advantage in battle.You can train in only 1 skill or in several.Be aware that training costs a lot of energy, and the amount of energy needed will only grow by the level.
Different trainings are available in different villages. It takes a lot of time to master a skill but you will be more powerful with each skill you master. Training is a necessity if you want to become a great ninja, since great ninja do not fail their jutsus.

Energy Point Requirements

Level 1 100
Level 2 200
Level 3 300
Level 4 400
Level 5 500
Level 6 600
Level 7 700
Level 8 800
Level 9 900
Level 10 1,000

It would cost you 5,500 Energy points to level just one skill to 10.

Skill Areas

Sand Weapons Skill
Rain Genjutsu Skill
Sound Binding Skill
Grass Healing Skill
Leaf Taijutsu Skill
Mist Offensive Skill
Waterfall Invigorating Skill

Note: Watch out, while training your skills is a necessity, it is also the most boring part of the game.

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