Weapon Guide

This is the weapon list so that you can find how much they cost, required strength and also.. where to find them!


L - Leaf
S - Sand
So - Sound
W - Waterfall
G - Grass
R - Rain
M - Mist
HO - Hideout

Lvl 1, Pw:10 Str:2 $:40 000
Come Come Paradise -L
Flute -So
Toothpick -Sa-W-G-R-M-So

Lvl 2, Pw:20 Str:4 $:80 000
Bells & Needles -L
Bo Staff -Sa-W-G-R-M-So-L
Cutting Wires -W
Makabishi -Sa-W-G-R-M-So-L
Throwing Needles -M
Tonfa -Sa-W-G-R-M-So-L

Lvl 3, Pw:30 Str:6 $:120 000
Expandable Baton -HO
Flying Kunai (no handle) -R-L
Short Dagger (Tanto) -HO
Toxic Needles -Sa
Wooden Practice Sword -Sa-W-G-R-M-So-L
blowgun -M

Lvl 4, Pw:50 Str:10 $:200 000
Compact Windmill Shuriken -Sa-W-G-R-M-So-L
Kama -R
Kunai -Sa-W-G-R-M-So-L
Shuriken -Sa-W-G-R-M-So-L
Throwing Knives -Sa-W-G-R-M-So-L

Lvl 5, Pw:70 Str:14 $:280 000
Hand Claws -W
Knuckle buster/Trench Knive -L
Kusarigama -HO
Mace/Flail -Sa-W-G-R-M-So-L
Nunchaku -G

Lvl 6, Pw:85 Str:17 $:340 000
Bow and Arrows -So
Crossbow -R
Double-Bladed Kunai-W
Ice Bomb -Sa-W-G-R -M-So-L
Light Bomb -HO
Poison Gas Bomb -Sa

Lvl 7, Pw:100 Str:20 $:400 000
Bladed Boomerang-W
Exploding tags -Sa-W-G-R-M-So-L
Giant Fan -Sa
Hollow Air Tubes -So
Sound Wave Amplifier -So

Lvl 8, Pw:125 Str:25 $:500 000
Katana -Sa-W-G-R-M-So-L
Large Star Shuriken -L
Large Windmill Shuriken -L
Puppet -Sa
Samurai Sword -Sa-W-G-R-M-So
Umbrella -R

Lvl 9, Pw:200 Str:40 $:800 000
Chain and Gauntlet -M
Kunai Shooter -Sa-W-G-R-M-So-L
Needle Launcher -HO

Lvl 10, Pw:250 Str:50 $:1 000 000
Kubikiri Houcho -M
Poison Tail -Sa
SameHade -M
Zanbatou -M

Lvl 11, Pw:350 Str:70 $:1 400 000
Kusanagi -HO
Raiga's Swords -M
Raijin Sword -R
Sasuke's Kusanagi -So

Lvl 12, Pw:500 Str:100 $:2 000 000
Enma Kongou-Nyo -L
Gamabunta's Dagger -L

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