Aeandir's ID is 82 and is 843 days old as of 29 August, 2009.


Aeandir joined the game somewhere around June, 2006, and started off as one of the very first testers. During this time they were still playing with the old, orange login, and the Aeandir&admin skin, wich was still the only skin then. After Aeandir became the first Kazekage, he and the admin came in contact. Thus, the designs as you know now was born, with the exeption of Adachi's skin. Aeandir became the Global Forum's Main Administrator, and one of the prominent designers of the game. By the end of his first term, Chinomarco came into the picture. He led the sand village as the second Kazekage, and became one of Aeandir's closest friends. During this term Aeandir gained DB acces to make his forum work easier. After a few weeks, he rose up to be a full-fledged Administrator. After Chinomarco left, Aeandir got elected for his second term and got the title of Sandaime. Third Kazekage. This term passed without any notorious happenings. Time passed by, and Apokane got elected as Yondaime. Also this term passed without notorious things happening. The fifth term of Kazekageship went to Aeandir again, making him to this date the only Kazekage to get elected three times. Finaly, after more then a year, he finaly went inactive.

He stayed away for almost another year, and returned from his inactive state a mere three months ago. He is currently working together with Neo_Seal on the problems there are ingame. Also, he is remaking all the old guides there were on the old global forum. Unfortunately, he will go semi inactive within the next five months due militairy training.


Aeandir was originally from the Sand Village and is still residing in the same village.

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