Akumaru's ID is 11051 and is 581 days old as of August 31, 2009.


He was born - if I remember right… - during the first Kage-Term of Orochimaru-sama. His Sensei is one of the most well known girl in NFG - Orochimaru-sama. He learned a lot from her, so he was soon a well known Shinobi in Oto-Gakure; and - during Orochimaru-sama's second term - he was choosen as ANBU-Captain. At Level 102 Akumaru decided to make a change and travelled to Suna-Gakure. In Suna he got the Mi-Teishu Rank.
Since Level 132 back in Oto. Now new elected Oto-Kage.

- More coming soon -


Akumaru was originally from Oto-Gakure and is currently residing there.


  • Orochimaru-sama (Nin-ID: 7722)


  • Totsuka_Itachi (Nin-ID: 14616)
  • MitarashiAnko (Nin-ID: 22145)
  • K.O.G. (Nin-ID: 25827)
  • mr. refeer (Nin-ID: 11287)
  • SilveĀ® (Nin-ID: 20407)


  • strongest German


  • Orochimaru-Copy; Tsunade-Copy is MitarashiAnko (Nin-ID: 22145); Jiraiya-Copy is K.O.G. (Nin-ID: 25827)
  • ANBU-Captain
  • Nin of the Month November 2008
  • Nin of the Month February 2009
  • Nin of the Month October 2009
  • Nin of the Month January 2010
  • Nin of the Year 2009
  • First Level 100 Oto-Nin.
  • strongest Oto-Nin ever.
  • Ambassador of Oto
  • Nanadaime of Oto


  • Mi-Teishu Rank
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