Monkeyboy's ID is 3807 and is 736 days old as of the 25th August 2009.


Monkeyboy was born during SakuraHaruno's term as the Kusakage. Since Monkeyboy has rose through the village ranks, becoming an Anbu at a young age, and then going on to become the Kage. Since Monkeyboy's first term as Kage, he has provided much help as an Anbu, and has now been re-elected for his second term as Kusakage.


Monkeyboy was originally from the Grass Village and is still residing in Grass Village


Monkeyboy has said that while there are many players who have been known famously around, only few will achieve the respect that equals their fame. For him, Sandaime Kazekage is a person who deserves the utmost respect in the game.

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